Friday, May 04, 2007

Selling Your Soul in a Buyer's Market

So... I was lying in bed last night thinking... What if you were to offer to sell your soul, but you don't want the normal stuff, like fame and riches and eternal life. What if you decided to sell it for the most ridiculous thing you could possibly think of, like being the King of Wisconsin. That way, if you actually became the King of Wisconsin, then you'd know that it was true. That there really was a devil. Of course, you'd be screwed, but at least you'd know.

And that led to another thought. If you became the King of Wisconsin, then the devil would definitely be outed. Is that something the devil would truly want? I mean, to remove all doubt from everybody that he exists? How much more business would he lose if everybody suddenly knew, beyone a doubt, that he exists? And if that's the case, then your soul's not worth it.

And that led to another thought. What's a soul worth? Not necessarily to the people that has them, but to the devil that wants them. Are some souls worth more? For instance, would the Pope's soul be worth more than, say, George W's (assuming that he doesn't have one or both already)? Who would the devil be willing to out himself for?

And that led to another thoguht: I need to get stronger sleeping pills.


Blogger Miss irene said...

I'm in grief with how impatient you have become for the return of the Holy Spirit. Lest, use my name to blasphem my Father,the Almighty. I have a purpose and a plan to fulfill, for My Lord's Grand Plan and for Our Eternal Kingdom. Nonetheless, I'd like to personally tell you that Judgement of Mankind is at hand along with Her Saints and Jesus Christ in flesh to rule over the Earth.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Bailey H said...

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1:05 AM  
Blogger Bailey H said...

That was funny...I like reading your work...

1:06 AM  
Blogger last.irene said...

It would be funnier if I tell you how Judgement is done.

You'll need a box of napkin crackin up!

But seriously speaking...

Mankind aint stupid. The simplicity of truth sits at the mind of an infant. Understandable by a 3 yr old and made complex by the minds of adults.

I dont understand why Most people like to hear grandiose definitions when the definition of Truth speaks for the Word itself. That Truth is found whether you live your life as a lie or you've been true to yourself all the way. The only difference between good and evil is you take longer finding the truth when you're stubborn and like things the hard way.That depends on the person. Tolerance varies. But the fine line between them and us. 'im not sure where u stand?..' is where does your HIGHEST loyalty reside. That is the basis of judgement. And your life is a living proof of who you are and what you have made of yourself. you're not measured by deeds. You're measured by your worth which should be equal to your Word.; your heart and your Mind. Deeds are just actions; they dont mean anything if it doesn't come from your heart.
But my all time favorite version of Truth? Is I am what I am! What I say is what I mean and what I mean is what exactly I do. I'll never explain why I do and say things but if you know Me and you know where I came from...then you never question Me for everything I do will never be about Me. It will always be about you.

now sin...what is sin? No one told me what it deeply means. I only know the Golden Rule and to Love. He never kept tabs on me and I dont ever remember making up an excuse to anything I do.
NOW im not saying Im perfect; as there is no such thing as perfect. Each has something to offer and the capabilities of a person is illimitable; it just depends on why? If your means outweighs your're cool.

man seeth naught how God seeth. I just feel privilege to be raised in 24/7 guidance and presence of God and His Wisdom.;)

7:28 AM  

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