Friday, April 20, 2007

The Blind Parrot and the Deaf Cat

The blind parrot walked everywhere he went. It was safer than flying, but he still bumped into a lot of things. He trust in fate to take him wherever it was that fate needed him to go.

One day fate led him to a cat. A deaf cat. A deaf cat that he bumped into, for after all, the blind parrot was prone to bump into things. And when he bumped, he felt.

The blind parrot had never felt anything so soft and warm as that cat. He had never heard anything make a more pleasant sound than that cat. And in the midst of all that warmth and pleasantness, the blind parrot could only imagine that he was in the pressence of God.

And so he gave praise unto God, as we are wont to do, for not only could that blind parrot speak, but his speech was more eloquent than anything that cat would have ever heard, had the cat been able to hear. But, alas, he could not, for he was deaf. His speech was more moving, more true, more full of beauty than any that has ever been uttered since or before in all the history of speech. Those that heard it were forever moved, forever touched, so that they could never look at life the same way, ever again. But the cat was not one of thsoe who hearad it, for alack, that cat could not hear at all.

And it was then that the deaf cat recognized the blind parrot for exactly what he was. Lunch. And he ate that blind parrot. He ate all of that blind parrot. And so the cat would never know the beautiful things that that parrot had said to him, had said of him. All because he was deaf.

But even if the cat could've heard it all, it really wouldn't've mattered. The cat couldn't've understood a word that he was saying anyway.